Altavia Japan 10 Year Anniversary

We deeply appreciate reaching the milestone of Altavia Japan K.K.’s 10th anniversary, and we are grateful to all of you for your support in marking this significant occasion.


As we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Altavia Group in 2023, Altavia Japan has now passed the stage of 10 years. We were established in 2014, along our sister company Altavia Korea, following Altavia China preceding us by almost 10 years.

In Japan, 10 years is still young for a company. This is a time to look back in time see how we were able to develop our partnership with the brands and clients we started servicing for the first time.

Our mission has not changed: Altavia Japan’s reason to be is to stand as a trustable partner to our retail clients to activate their commerce.

First in 2014 with print management, now with design, promotional consulting and creative marketing services – we have also expanded our network of supplying partners in Japan and abroad.

Our success is as much connected to the patronage of our clients, as well as the on-going support of our supply partners who were always with us together since the beginning. Finally, a company is nothing without its talents. At Altavia we call them “Altavians”, and they are part of a family whom we can count on and rely on in adversity.

Now this is time to celebrate together !

We are looking forward to the next 10 years with confidence – energized from increased synergies with our sister Altavia companies in Asia and the world (45 countries), we have ambitious projects to grow and transform our offers together with our client’s new perspective in a changing world and markets. 


Altavia Japan K.K.
Representative Director and President: Grégoire Poitevin