We carried on the tradition from last year and had all our employees join in on WORLD CLEANUP DAY! On September 11th (Monday), we gathered at Shinjuku Central Park for a cleanup, and the total count of collected trash bags reached an impressive 11.

Last year’s WORLD CLEANUP DAY received great feedback from our employees, not just for the sense of contributing to society but also for the personal achievement it brought. Building on that positive experience and with a commitment to our corporate social responsibility, we’ve decided to stick with the same activity for this year.

Engaging in activities that provide both social contribution and personal fulfillment really helps boost our team’s motivation and commitment. We’re looking forward to Altavia Japan’s CSR activities continuing to make a positive impact on both our team and society in the future.

What is the “WORLD CLEANUP DAY”?

“WORLD CLEANUP DAY” began in Estonia in 2008 as a simultaneous global cleanup event initiated by one of the Nordic countries. In the 2008 event, over 50,000 volunteers (approximately 5% of Estonia’s population) participated, successfully removing over 10,000 tons of illegally dumped waste in just five hours.
This success story, where 5% of the population united to take action for problem-solving, sparked the Clean-Up movement aiming for 5% participation across Europe, and it has since expanded to Africa and Asia.

From 2018 onwards, it has been globally recognized as “WORLD CLEANUP DAY,” with simultaneous events taking place in countries around the world.